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Today, I will introduce you a Web host provider, One of the famous cheap web-hosting Providers:

hostnexusThe Host Nexus web site hosting is growing fast and is becoming one of the most popular places for webmasters to host their sites. One of the famous cheap web-hosting providers, which can offer you Share hosting, Blog hosting, VPS Hosting and so on. They have built up years of experience and very good at what they do. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction, solid uptime, keeping our servers running fast and without issues. Their hosting support WordPress, Joomla, PHPBBS, and with One-click Installer, Set up your site easily and with any experience.

Plans and Features:
Host Nexus offers a large variety of ten different web hosting packages for your to choose from for your site all ranging from $34.95 per year or as low as just $6.95 per month. The plans which include Nex Starter, Nex Personal, Nex Business, Nex Enterprise, and Nex Corporate begin with 50 MB of disk space and a bandwidth allotment of 1gig and go as high as an entire gig of disk space for your web site with 25 gigs of bandwidth allowed each month. The ability to host sub-domains is included with some packages as is MySQL Database.

Web Hosting Packages

    1. Nex Starter Plan (Type: Linux) – 50 MB space, 1000 MB bandwidth for $2.91/mo
    2. Nex Personal Plan (Type: Linux) – 2500 MB space, 5000 MB bandwidth for $6.95/mo
    3. Nex Business Plan (Type: Linux) – 400 MB space, 10 GB bandwidth for $9.95/mo
    4. Nex Enterprise Plan (Type: Linux) – 7000 MB space, 15 GB bandwidth for $14.95/mo
    5. Nex Corporate Plan (Type: Linux) – 1000 MB space, 25 GB bandwidth for $19.95/mo
    6. VirtNex-Lite Plan (Type: Reseller) – 1000 MB space, 15 GB bandwidth for $19.95/mo
    7. VirtNex-1 Plan (Type: Reseller) – 2000 MB space, 25 GB bandwidth for $34.95/mo
    8. VirtNex-2 Plan (Type: Reseller) – 3000 MB space, 35 GB bandwidth for $44.95/mo
    9. VirtNex-3 Plan (Type: Reseller) – 4000 MB space, 45 GB bandwidth for $54.95/mo
    10. VirtNex-4 Plan (Type: Reseller) – 5000 MB space, 55 GB bandwidth for $64.95/mo
    11. VirtNex-6 Plan (Type: Reseller) – 7000 MB space, 75 GB bandwidth for $84.95/mo

All of the accounts provided by Host Nexus (more…)
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  • Web hosting tutorial provider DemoWolf ( a privately owned internet company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their goal is to provide the most extensive and most up-to-date library of flash support tutorials in the industry, help web hosting companies provide timelier and quality support to their customers, and be the #1 supplier of flash support tutorials to web hosting companies around the world. Currently with over 3,000 ready-made tutorials available to hosting companies, we continue to develop new tutorial series, releasing 100 to 200 new tutorials per month. We also produce custom tutorials for companies with broader requirements.

    They has officially launched its “Hosting Partner Program,” giving web hosts that make a pre-payment discounts of between 70 and 85 percent off branded tutorials, based on the amount of their pre-payment.

    According to DemoWolf’s Tuesday announcement, rather than a tradional reseller program, where resellers earn a commission, (more…)
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  • BlueHost has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites since 1996. Their Internet hosting package helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost. provides world class hosting for only $6.95/month. We are currently one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the world. We offer features such as 1500 gigs of space, 15000 gigs of transfer, Perl, PHP, MySQL, SSH, FREE Site builder and Statistics for

    They now hosting over 240,000 DOMAINS!

    With BlueHost you can depend on:
    Highest customer service
    Quality equipment
    Maximum guaranteed uptime
    Highly functional tools for administration
    The leading feature set available
    Secure and reliable backups
    Solid and honest business

    Since offering Domain Privacy for FREE, (more…)
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  • My Web Host Articles Is Online!

    Holle Everyone! Ti’s my new blog site-“My Web Host Articles” Now it’s online, In my target I want to write My Best Web Hosting Guide, Host Tips, Host Reviews, Host Coupons and News about WebHosting. I think you will love it!

    I thought it would be a good idea to share our knowledge and credit the most reliable and advantageous web hosts. I want to teach my readers how to buy Cheapest, advantest and Comfortest  hosts from bad ones. So I write the information you need about web hosting: qualitative reviews, comprehensive articles, I think here you will find everything you need to know about shared hosting, reseller web hosting and dedicated servers and much more.

    Another,you have buy a host, stand your blog site, If you want to choose WordPress Theme. You can go here.

    My blog is on Hawk host, They have the cheapest hosting, Only $3.29/month. and Unlimited domaims and MySQL 5 Databases.