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Rate Your Web Hosting Account My web hosting company is Blogger

I have been hosting with them for 6 months

Blogger (service)

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My price / value is: 4 Pretty Good

My speed is: 4 Pretty Good My disk space is: 4 Pretty Good

My bandwidth is: 4 Pretty Good

I think their customer support is: 3 Alright

My overall satisfaction is: 4 Pretty Good

The thing I like the most about my web hosting company is that it’s fine for my current requirements.

I think my web host could improve by adding more hosting tools

It’s a guest web host articles from Mistakes Made Blog.

A look back at all the mistakes, errors, poor judgments, and all the other dumb things we do as humans.

My web hosting company is HostGator
I have been hosting with them for about two weeks
My price / value is: 5 The Best
My speed is: 5 The Best
My disk space is: 5 The Best
My bandwidth is: 5 The Best
I think their customer support is: 5 The Best
My overall satisfaction is: 5 The Best

The thing I like the most about is that they have lots of space, no problems so far, many different options, even a quick install of WordPress.

I think my web host could improve by providing better program for site statistics, the ones that are available are not accurate because they count all the hits to your website made from your own computer.

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Conent Me:

It’s a guest Web Host Articles from

Hi, previously made a topic on how i lost my domain with 1and1 (unless i payed 30-40 dollar) well i just skipped it and started looking after other webhosts.
what i was looking for mainly was small-medium gb/bandwidth, SSH, php/mysql, decent uptime, good support and low prices.

there were a few on my list on qualified hosts, mainly DTH,ASO,hostgator. hostgator having high prices unless you got 1-2 years. ASO had low prices but quite few gb/bandwidth and DTH, well well their package seemed great but as im only having a small community forum for around 70 active users/day it was quite high to pay 16 $ monthly(or around 10 for half year) so i looked for other, i found HawkHost which had quite nice prices, perfect packages(for me) and plenty of upgrade options.
they have quite few reviews on this site. think there’s 1 and around 4-5 with their previous name devotedhost. but anyway i went with them and bought 6 months using a 20% off. with each month costing around 3 dollar in the end. so here’s the review.

(NOTE. only been customer for 3 weeks)
personal excellent support (think its only one person support actually… as i’ve only talked to tony on livechat) uptime have been good too. been some small issues but those only last for max 1-2 min exept for one which lasted a little longer but the support explained it quickly and all. had also prob with my IP being banned from the site (100% my fault as i wrote wrong SSH password more than 5 times and tony fixed it 1-2 min after i started chatting with him)and also it gives a bit of ease when the owner is active on this forum.

the only negative thing i got to say is that livechat is usually on business times in US (myself from sweden which is makes me have to stay awake late at nights. but i prefer livechat rather than mailing)

so conclusion. very personalized support, with good package sizes at low prices, livechatting doesn’t take more than 30-60 sec before u get in contact with the support. server have no bigger uptime probs which i’ve noticed.(haven’t really monitored) (edit: oh yeah a negative would be that their FAQ is like empty with around 3 questions, but not that i really care…)

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