Web hosting tutorial provider DemoWolf (www.demowolf.com) a privately owned internet company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their goal is to provide the most extensive and most up-to-date library of flash support tutorials in the industry, help web hosting companies provide timelier and quality support to their customers, and be the #1 supplier of flash support tutorials to web hosting companies around the world. Currently with over 3,000 ready-made tutorials available to hosting companies, we continue to develop new tutorial series, releasing 100 to 200 new tutorials per month. We also produce custom tutorials for companies with broader requirements.

They has officially launched its “Hosting Partner Program,” giving web hosts that make a pre-payment discounts of between 70 and 85 percent off branded tutorials, based on the amount of their pre-payment.

According to DemoWolf’s Tuesday announcement, rather than a tradional reseller program, where resellers earn a commission, this reseller program gives larger hosts the opportunity to to buy DemoWolf tutorials and resell them to web hosting resellers and clients who can then sell them to their customers.

“There have been several hosting companies wanting to get into the hosting tutorial market” DemoWolf president Rob Moore said in a statement, explaining that many reseller hosting providers can benefit from selling branded tutorials to their existing web hosting customers.

“With this new Hosting Partner Program, we make it as easy as possible for hosts to do just that, and not have to worry about filling each order (i.e. replacing logos for their customers) and paying us each time they want to fill an order for their customer,” Moore said. “They simply have to send in a tutorial request, and we’ll fill the order directly to the customer.”

Web hosts that signup for the Hosting Partner Program must choose a “Partner Level” which requires a pre-payment for future requested tutorials. Bronze Partners pay $1,000 to get a 70 percent discount on future tutorials; Silver Partners pay $3,000 for 75 percent off; Gold Partners pay $5,000 for 80 percent off; and Platinum Partners pay $10,000 for 85 percent off.

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Partners will be able to offer DemoWolf’s more than 3,000 flash tutorials to their customers. These tutorials are abel to be re-branded, so customers can re-brand their tutorials with their own logo.

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