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MyReviewPlugin is the newest best Review Plugin & Theme  for WordPress, Easily turn WordPress into the best powerful review sites. Add star ratings, custom data, thumbnails and more. With MyReviewPlugin, you can quickly building profitable affiliate sites,  if you are the affiliate marketer, Don’t miss it. Automatic plugin installation, 3 great themes bande and more. It was designed to require no technical skill and easily to use!

MyReviewPlugin - HomePage

MyReviewPlugin - HomePage

You will see a large of Reviews iste use it, such as Registry Cleaner Reviews, Web Hosting Reviews, Dallas Chinese Food Directory, Cell Phone Review Site, Video Camera Review Site and others.

Two reviewsite screenshots

Two reviewsite screenshots

Demo & Release Page | Download Now

MyReviewPlugin Key Features

  • Easiest to Use

    • — MyReviewPlugin was designed to require no technical skill. It is powerful, but everything can be easily controlled from within the WordPress user interface.
  • Add Star Ratings To Comment Forms

    • — Allow users to easily add rate products, posts and contribute their own reviews through your comment box. When posting a comment, users will be shown an easy-to-use “star rating form” with the rating fields you have specified.
  • Editor Ratings Too!

    • — Or you can allow users to see ratings as specified by the editor. This feature can be combined with user ratings to allow a “dominant” administrator’s rating, followed by a series of comments/mini-reviews by users.
  • Control Post Order

    • — By default, WordPress orders posts chronologically. If you’re running a review site, you may want your posts ordered by most (or least) popular, highest (or lowest) rated, Bayesian weightings (see below) or our weighted smart sorting system.
  • Build Beautiful Comparsion Tables

    • —The custom information above (as well as rating categories) can be displayed within a comparison table embedded within any theme. Comparison tables can be embedded on any page[s] and can be configured in the administration area to specify which fields, which rating categories and even the overall appearance of the table.
  • Fully Compatible With Other Products

    • —Supporting a one-click upgrade from WP Review Engine and WP Review Site and full backwards-compatibility mode with their themes, MyReviewPlugin is fully compatible with other scripts. Additionally, MyReviewPlugin is fully compatible with WP Smart Tools, KB Linker, Auction2Post, RealVMS, phpBay Pro, OIO Publisher and more.
  • Build beautiful comparsion tables
  • Sorts your posts by most (or least) popular, highest (or lowest) rated, Bayesian weightings or weighted smart sorting system
  • Google Maps integration
  • Fully SEO Friendly
  • Powers a whole website or just what parts you want
  • Bonus: Dr. Link, Import Man and Little Comment Man
  • 45-day Money Back Guarantee

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Netfirms was established in 1998 and is a well regarded provider of large scale grid/clustered hosting. For you, this approach means less downtime for your websites, even if you experience traffic spikes.

Netfirms Web Hosting

In 2009 Netfirms underwent a major company expansion including the launch of a new 40,000 server capacity high density Tier 1 data center. This has solidified the reliability and scalability of their hosting services.

Some unique features of their hosting plans include one-click installation of popular apps like WordPress and Joomla, and the recent addition of direct install of SSL certificates and Google Webmaster tools. Plans also come with $100 of advertising credits.

Netfirms’ hosting plans start at $4.45/month which represents great value considering the number of features included, and particularly considering their robust backend technology. Their 24/7 customer service has improved a great deal over the past couple of years. Another noteworthy feature offered by Netfirms is domain registration via Twitter.

Netfirms Advantage, our best selling plan, is the number one choice for businesses worldwide. For only $9.95/month, customers receive:

  • 2 FREE Domains
  • 250GB Disk Space
  • 2,000GB bandwidth
  • Ability to host multiple websites
  • One-click blog, photo gallery, and e-commerce

Get started today!
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  • Templatic Store Theme The nest e-commerce theme so far with balanced features! Create your own online store easily in wordpress.

    It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.

    Store e-commerce theme

    Store Theme HomePage

    Salient features in our e-commerce themes

    Here’s a quick list of some of the key features in our e-commerce themes. The features are balanced as we didn’t stuff every e-commerce features out there. Including only those that are must-haves for a well functional e-commerce store.

    • Different modes of Shopping Cart: You may sell anything – tangible or intangible using our themes. You have an option to create your website in any mode.
      • Shopping Cart: Like the standard shopping cart that you see on other e-commerce websites. You may choose to have “add to cart” mode and let the users add all the items they want and then lead them to checkout or, you can have “buy now” mode and take them straight to checkout when they select a product.
      • Digital Shop: If you are selling digital product of any kind, this is a perfect option for you. Are you selling icons, digital art, PDF, e-books, scripts or any other kind of digital goodies? Select this option and when a user makes a purchase, they will have an account generated at your site and they can download their purchase any time. You don’t have to worry about third party digital delivery sites.
      • Catalog mode: Maybe you only want to showcase your items and don’t want to sell it online. Simply choose this mode and you will have “send inquiry” button instead of buy now / add to cart. Visitors thus, can send an inquiry on the products they like.
    • Manage Products: Add / Edit / Delete products are as easy as you create a wordpress blog post. You have a custom panel where-in you can edit the product description, different parameters, upload product images etc. real easy.
    • Order Management: Depending upon the settings from your admin panel, you can manage the order – approve, process or cancel / reject an order.
    • Shipping Options: As an admin, you can choose Free, Flat rate; Weight or Price based shipping option for your store. What’s more you can even set free shipping for particular items in case you’ve set other option for your store.
    • Multiple Payment Gateways: You have PayPal,, 2CO, Google Checkout, WorldPay, bank transfer and Cash on Delivery as payment gateway options. Choose the gateway you prefer.
    • Manage Tax: You may specify overall tax percentage that applies to all your products and, you may choose to leave individual products tax free
    • Usability: One of the reason it took us long time to complete the backend of the e-commerce themes is, usability. We studied best practices of building e-commerce websites, studied lots of successful online stores and brainstormed some of the key pages and functionality that may impact the sales process that your customer goes through. We reduced the steps of the process, restructured the purchase experience, debated on the small elements such as button / text / colors / notifications etc., finally concluding our base e-commerce theme to be one of the very easy to use and best performing purchase experience so far.
    • Grid view / List view: Whenever you are browsing the product collection, you have an option to see the products in list view or grid view. It’s built-in by default.
    • User registration: Users may register on your site or, they will be taken to registration page on the checkout procedure. They will have their own user area where they can keep track of their order, manage profile and download purchased digital products.
    • Bulk Upload ( csv ): Using another shopping cart solution  for your store and want to switch to our store themes? No worries. You can export your data from there in .csv files and import it in your wordpress installation when you use our store themes.
    • Coupon codes: Admin can generate coupon codes for occasional sales promotion.
    • Product Images: Built in multiple product image upload. Uploaded images are auto re-sized to fit various thumbnails required throughout the site. Also the product zoom functionality is built it.
    • Other parameters: Specifying Tax, weight, color(s), size(s) are easy. Also you  may specify different prices for different size/colors just in case.
    • Miscellaneous: You may specify Size chart if applied, When viewing a product Similar Products are automatically displayed, Several additional custom widgets are built in such as customer support, Subscribe, socialize, promo banners etc. that you can use for your store website.
    • Blog: Of course the themes come with blog, pages etc. functionality with some page templates so you can have a blog for your website.

    View Live demo and Buy this theme. Start your online store today.

    You know the design & development company PageLines , have created the best website design” CMS WordPress themes”  for many websites. They have created 3 professional CMS WordPress themes, And this time, they design a BBPress Forum Theme, Named iBlogPro BBPress Forum  Theme.

    iBlogPro Forum is a professional BBPress forum theme is designed look WordPress Theme in PageLines themes, iBlogPro is easy to modify and simple to setup up.
    iBlogPro Forum BBPress Template

     iBlogPro Forum Addon…

    • Manage posts and categories easily through the admin or ‘live’ on the site
    • Uses files from iBlogPro for consistency across your site
    • Integrates seamlessly with WordPress users and login
    • Options for tags, sidebar, and custom CSS
    • Easily add Advertisements in forum sidebar
    • Native Gravatar support
    • Full browser compliance
    • Professionally designed graphics
    • Add plugins for additional options

    View the iBlogPro Forum Demo

    If you want to run an affiliate site in a busy market, with many products or new product releases every day, the RichWP Affiliate WordPress Theme is the right one for you.

    The RichWP Affiliate theme allows you quickly build a theme affiliate based website to promote premium and free web themes allowing you to easily earn commission from theme developers affiliate schemes. Show the prices and link directly from the listings as well as from the detail pages to your affiliate links. Related products will be shown on the detail page to increase the number of page views.

    RichWP Affiliate theme - WordPress Affiliate Theme

    RichWP Affiliate theme

    RichWP Affiliate WordPress Theme Features :

    • Easy installation and setup – A comprehensive PDF and video tutorials to visualize certain topics help you get the most out of the richwp affiliate theme.
    • RichWP is famous for one-on-one, easily available, fast reacting support. I do not take your money and run.
    • Extensive Theme Options Page (see below for details)
    • Page Template Collection (see below for details)
    • Page Templates to create a Photo Gallery (see below for details)
    • High quality auto-resizing of images throughout the theme
    • Widget ready
    • Threaded comments support
    • Gravatar support for comments
    • Works in all the latest major browsers: Firefox; IE6, IE7, IE8; Chrome; Safari, Opera
    • and many more….

    Demo | Download RichWP Affiliate WordPress Theme

    Gourmet Premium WordPress Theme

    Templatic released new Premium WordPress Theme named Gourmet Theme,  It is a professional theme includes everything a Restaurant or Cafe website will need! Multiple menu pages, cafe directions, featured items, blog, and three color scheme, it is idea for Restaurant And Cafe Business websites. Use this theme to quickly create a professional presence for your culinary business.

    gourmet cafe theme


    Gourmet theme features

    • Fully customizable front page
    • SEO Options
    • Custom Control Panel
    • Localization Support
    • WP 2.8 full compatibility
    • Drop down and breadcrumb navigation panel
    • Gravatar Ready
    • Ad management
    • SEO Optimized
    • Widget ready
    • valid cross browser compatibility
    • psd files available
    • And much more..

    Go to Free download Gourmet theme

    OmniTheme WordPress Theme Review

    OmniTheme is an aqua/brown based magazine layout WordPress theme that isgreat for MySpace or Facebook users that are looking for their ownwebsites,  ideal for the small businesses  or just about anyone who is looking to create a professional web presence using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for ease of use.

    WordPress OmniTheme comes in four colors (all are included in the package): brown & cyan, black and gray, pink and white and gray. It’s also widget-ready.   comes in 4 different colours/styles of out the box. Featured category slots for your top recent articles, starting with a tabbed browser box on the home page that sifts through your main categories without the need for a page re-load. Displays your top articles and their thumbnail images below this area, taking you to expanded article pages where your content is front and center for both visitors and search engines.

    OmniTheme Feature:

    • Available in 4 color schemes & a discounted developer’s package
    • As web 2.0 as it gets: beautifully designed, and utilizing social web 2.0 services, Flickr, Youtube, AJAX and much more (see the demo for all features)
    • Well organized layout for optimal content and advertising performance
    • Widget ready
    • Completely customizable

    Free download OmniTheme WordPress Theme

    PhotoGallery is a premium WordPress photo gallery theme series for photographers. Beautiful design, powerful gallery management, and blogging in one package.

    Includes all Have the freedom to change the look of your site with a few mouse clicks. Or set up multiple sites for different kinds of photography. Or set up mini-websites for your clients. Get lifetime rights to all 5 Photocrati themes for just $99.

    • Photocrati Emulsion
    • Photocrati Focus
    • Photocrati Lightbox
    • Photocrati Polarized
    • Photocrati Viewfinder

    An Overview of the Photocrati Template features:

    • Elegant, beautiful design that emphasizes images
    • Outstanding gallery management and viewing
    • Built-in WordPress blogging functionality, with two-column blog layout
    • Easy, flexible customization options
    • Excellent customer service and support through our support forum
    • WordPress 2.7.1 compatible
    • Cross browser compatible
    • Tableless design and 100% CSS-based

    Gab fire Transcript WordPress Magazine Theme is a multi-purpose magazine style theme from from Gabfire Themes, Transcript theme looks clean, simple yet powerful, and fresh enough to let your content speak.With Transcript you will realize newspaper blogging can also be lots of fun.

    Gabfire Transcript WordPress Theme

    Gabfire Transcript WordPress Theme

    Gabfire Transcript Theme Features

    • Theme Settings page
    • Automatic image resizer, which auto generates main page thumbnails
    • Unique layout
    • 6 colour schemes
    • A nice ajax support for featured entries
    • Built in Banner Management
    • Built in Media Gallery Module
    • Drop down navigation menu
    • 2 page template options
    • Dynamic Ajax Tab
    • Search engine optimized
    • Fully widgetized mainpage, sidebar and footer (27 widgetized sections)
    • Translation template which makes it possible to translate into any language easily
    • Seven different ad spots
    • The Best Multimedia Softwares let you easily rip, convert and edit audio/video files, burn DVDs, create ringtones, upload video to mobiles and more,  Here I SHARE you can use AVS4YOU Coupon to checkout and save money.


    Gabfire Transcript Theme Standard Pack ($59)
    Gabfire Transcript Theme Developer Pack ($179)

    Demo| Download Gabfire Themes Transcript WordPress Theme

    Delicious WordPress Restaurants Theme relased today! Delicious is an elegant premium food WordPress theme from WPZOOM, Delicious theme developed for restaurants, cafés, bars, diners, pizzerias, etc.

    Delicious WordPress Theme

    Delicious WordPress Theme

    WpZOOM Delicious Theme Features

    • Theme Options Admin Panel
    • Threaded Comments
    • Support for WordPress 2.8
    • Widgetized Sidebar
    • Custom Fields for Images are optional
    • Dynamic image cropping for thumbnails (TimThumb script)
    • 4 Different page templates
    • 4 Specially Developed Widgets
    • Compatible with all modern browsers
    • Featured Categories on Homepage
    • Drop-Down Menu for Pages and Categories
    • Banner Ads Management System
    • Support for Google Analytics
    • Valid XHTML & CSS Code
    • Style: Restaurant / CMS

    Delicious Theme Single $69
    Delicious Theme Developer $149
    WPZoom All Theme package : $199 + $9 per month

    Demo | Download WPZOOM Delicious WordPress Theme